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How to embody affirmations

"I am beautiful"

"I am successful"

"I am loved"

…how difficult was it to say these statements? Did you feel stupid saying them?! 

Affirmations can feel ridiculous and unbelievable, and when we hear others saying them or talking about them, it can almost feel like an eye-roll moment!

There is a lot of hype around them, though, so they can’t be that ridiculous, right? Well, right and wrong… there is an art to affirmations, a way to actually embody the words you’re saying and become them. 

So, how do I believe affirmations?

You’ve heard “Fake it ‘til you make it”? 

I personally feel like this is too far-fetched. How can you not be something, pretend to be it, then suddenly just be it?! I actually don't think you can. 

So how about reframing that statement to “Fake it ‘til you become it”? Something about changing one word makes it feel like it could become a part of your make-up, part of your DNA.

This is how affirmations work - you have to realistically be able to embody the words you’re saying sometime in the future. So, what is the secret to becoming your affirmations?

You must already believe your affirmation , even if just a teeny-tiny bit!

So let’s pick ‘I am beautiful’ as an example.

List all of the things you like about yourself. Don’t just pick physical traits, but also what makes you beautiful from within. What makes you a good human? How do you shine your light? 

Right there is your evidence that you are beautiful. 

Now, anytime you’re getting ready and you have a moment of not enjoying your reflection, remember you have the evidence that you are a beautiful human. Say and repeat, “I am beautiful”. 

Don’t forget to say the affirmation when you have helped someone or practiced something kind. The more you repeat this, the more you will rewire your brain into believing it.

Repetition rewires the brain.

With that in mind, repeat your affirmation multiple times in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening as well.

As someone who used to despise what they saw in the mirror, let me tell you - it works.

Below, I have written a list of affirmations. I would love for you to pick a few that you want to embody, then in your journal, write down your evidence and then notice whenever you do something to contribute to your affirmation. If you catch yourself thinking the opposite, remind yourself of your evidence and repeat your affirmation.

*I am confident

*I am talented

*I am a loving parent

*I am surrounded by people who appreciate me

*I am not afraid to evolve and grow

*I will pass my exams, and I'll pass them well

*Every day I show up and do my best

*Peace begins within me

*I let go of anything that prevents good from entering my life

*I have the power to create everything I need

*I am worthy of loving myself

*I don’t allow other people's fears to get in my way

*I appreciate my body for all it does for me

*I am worthy of having a self-care practice

Sending Light Your Way 💫

Zoë x

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