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About Light Minds Collective

My name is Zoë Harwood, and I am the founder of Light Minds Collective - Soulful mindset coaching for women and teenagers with negative body image, eating disorders and low self-esteem.

I guide those who are suffering to realise that with the integration of nurturing the Mind, Body and Soul, relapse can be prevented and long-term fulfilment achieved.

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My Story

I have been transforming the mindset of women and teens for over 20 years, Empowering them to see their beauty from the inside. I have guided anxious teens to be proud of their authentic selves and helped them gain control of social anxiety.

Having gone through my journey of disordered eating and negative body image, I understand the tools required to overcome these issues. I have learned that we are always a work-in-progress, but with the right guidance, we can find food freedom and reach a place of body neutrality.

My Credentials


Each week we’re seeing our daughter grow in strength and challenge herself. Zoe has a wonderful gift in the way she just connects with our daughter and our family.
If anyone is thinking of reaching out for support for their teenager, Zoe is the greatest gift you can give them. Totally recommend.


Please get in touch through the form below if you have any questions or want to connect. All information is confidential and won't be shared.

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