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Q. Are you a therapist?

No, I am not a therapist or counsellor. I am a certified life and mindset coach for young women and teens.

Q. What is the difference between a therapist and a coach?

A therapist will dig deep into your past, and they can diagnose and prescribe. Your journey with a therapist will often last several years.
A coach is future-orientated. We focus on current behavioural habits and how to change your mindset moving forward. You will usually work alongside a coach for 6-18 months.

Q. Why should I choose a coach for my daughter?

Many teens have come to me who haven't been able to connect or open up to therapists and counsellors. I’ve had others who decided that proactive coaching was the best approach for them from the offset. 

My Mindset Coaching approach helps children see themselves and their life more positively through behavioural and soulful practices to help connect with their inner-self.

Q. What experience do you have working with children? 

I have been solely working with children for over 20 years, and during those years, I have coached the holistic well-being of hundreds of children.

Q. What ages do you coach?

9-21 years.

Q. Do you only work with girls who live with eating disorders?

No, I also have a programme for children suffering from social anxiety or low self-esteem.

Q. Are the sessions confidential?

Coaching sessions are confidential. However, there will be an agreement that if the child or others are at risk of harm, I will contact the appropriate services. 
There may also be times when the child and/or I will ask the parents/carers for support with specific tasks to aid their journey.

Q. How do we start the process?

If you contact me here,  I will arrange a discovery call to gain background information and learn about your child. We will then organise our first no-obligation session.

Q. How long is your programme?

The initial programme is 12 consecutive weeks. You are then welcome to continue coaching on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Most girls continue coaching for around 9-18 months, but it’s entirely down to you as a family how long you continue.

Q. What can my daughter expect from her first session?

Our first session is a ‘getting to know each other’ session where we can see if we are a good fit going forward. We will continue with the programme if we both feel we are suitable.

Q. Do you coach in person or remotely?

If you live within 3 miles of Cheltenham, I coach in person in the safety and comfort of your child's home. However, I also coach remotely via Zoom. This enables me to support families nationally and internationally.

Q. Do you coach boys?

No, I only coach female children and teens.


➡️ If don't find that your question has been answered, please contact me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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