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How to make your New Year intentions successful!

Updated: Jan 10

Happy 2024! 🥂

It’s the beginning of a new year, and it’s often a time when you feel, “This will be my year. The year I transform myself”.

But didn’t you declare that last year? And the year before?

So why hasn’t it alchemised yet?

It’s because we are in the middle of winter! It's a time when we should be cosy, hibernating and resting, not embarking on intense exercise routines or cutting out carbs!

If your New Year intentions mean making big changes, be that taking more on or restricting, they will most likely fail. 

So, how do you make significant changes in your life? The secret is to incorporate small and achievable habits into your routine. 

Here are some swaps that might help you...

It is also so beneficial to have an accountability partner or joining a group of people who are aiming to achieve the same things as you. We are social beings, so a support network can encourage you when you reach those tougher days. There are groups out there for just about anything, and you will find your tribe!

Isolation can drown your aspirations - it can be very easy to miss a few days of your intentions and then fall out of your new habit.

Another way to help you stay motivated is to remember that it takes around 30 days to form a new habit. 

The first 10 days will be filled with motivation and enthusiasm.

The next 10 days will feel like a slog - the novelty will have worn off, and easier options will take your fancy… keep powering through!

The last 30 days begin to feel like a more natural flow, and by the time you’ve reached 30 days, it will become part of your routine, and it will feel weird if you don't do your new habit!

Vision boards are great inspiration for always working towards your goals!

Find pictures that represent the future you desire and either print them and put them on your wall or create a vision board screensaver for your phone - that way, you are always reminded of why you’re pushing through the tougher days. 

I would love to hear about your New Year intentions and support you if you need guidance or accountability.

I am rooting for your 2024!

Sending Light Your Way 💫

Zoë x

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