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Nadia's Transformation Story

To protect the identity and confidentiality of my client, their name has been changed. 



Nadia’s mother was concerned about her 15-year-old daughter, who was living with such severe anxiety and social anxiety that she had resorted to self-harm and binge eating.

Nadia was still attending school and one of her out-of-school activities, but even that was beginning to become a challenge, and the feelings of wanting to isolate were increasing.

Nadia knew she needed help, but neither she nor her parents knew where to turn. Nadia had a very supportive family who wanted to seek the right care for her. Light Minds Collective was recommended to her by two family friends.


When I met Nadia, I immediately saw she was friendly and kind-hearted, but it was clear that she had no confidence or self-belief. Nadia could not attend parties as they felt too overwhelming; she didn’t feel worthy of anything she had achieved and had accepted living in the shadows. 

Nadia was battling anxiety as she didn’t know how to identify and release emotions, and she masked emotions with binge eating. Whenever Nadia faced a situation that induced anxiety, she resorted to self-harm.

We discussed Nadia’s memorable childhood moments, current social, educational and family situations, and ultimate personal goals. I devised a tailored coaching program for her specific needs with this information.

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The Transformation

Four months after beginning our program, Nadia can now attend social parties. She has learned how to recognise and nurture her emotions resulting in completely eliminating her binge eating patterns. Not only this, but she can now recognise anxiety triggers and how to manage them, meaning self-harm has also been eliminated.

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Support Plan

We discussed Nadia’s memorable childhood moments, current social, educational and family situations, and ultimate personal goals.

I devised a tailored coaching program for her specific needs with this information.

Nadia’s had sessions with me weekly for four months. 

Nadia was very receptive to the program's tasks and implemented all her learnings into her daily life. Some ‘missions’ pushed her out of her comfort zone, but we always had coping mechanisms and get-out plans at the ready.

Her mum was incredibly supportive and involved in Nadia’s recovery plan, and even used some of the tools herself! 



"Zoe has helped me in ways I could never have imagined before starting her coaching programme.

In a short time, I have changed my mindset on anxiety and learnt that it doesn't control me, which was one of the main things I wanted to overcome. To overcome this was so freeing. The difference this has made to my day-to-day life is indescribable.

I have made many social steps that I was so scared of before. Honestly, this is the best thing for confidence and mental health as it has completely boosted both.
Thank you to Zoe and her amazing work I am so thankful to have met her."

Nadia's Mum

"In just four months, Zoe has proven to be a transformative force in my 16-year-old daughter's life. Her expertise as a life coach and her genuine kindness have brought about positive changes to my daughter's mindset and overall well-being.

From the first session, it was evident that Zoe really cared about my daughter's struggles with anxiety.

Zoe's empathetic and practical approach provided my daughter with the tools to manage her anxiety effectively. She fostered a safe and nurturing environment where my daughter felt comfortable opening up about her fears and insecurities. 

Through Zoe's guidance, my daughter learned to reframe her thoughts, challenge negative beliefs, and develop her resilience.

It's so good to witness the change in her confidence and self-esteem. Zoe's impact has extended beyond the sessions, leaving a lasting effect on my daughter's outlook on life. She often gives me advice now! 

I cannot recommend Zoe enough to any parent seeking support for their child. She has been instrumental in helping my daughter navigate through a challenging period in her life.

Thank you, Zoe, for making such a difference in my daughter's life. Your influence will continue to shape her journey towards a brighter, more resilient future."

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