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Mind Full  to Mindful

There are so many pressures on young people now… They’re being encouraged to chase the older, more ‘perfect’ version of themselves rather than being celebrated for who they are right now.

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The constant push to attain high grades in school shouldn’t mask the fact that young people can be so powerful in other ways.
Then there is social media creating an unrealistic standard of what we should look like by using filters, airbrushing and contouring make-up.

We are at risk of creating generations of young people who don’t know how to identify and celebrate their strengths and achievements. Coming to the rescue each time a child is in need of help is a natural step for a caring adult, but giving children the tools and awareness to resolve their problems will build crucial lifelong competencies.

A Life and Mind Coach can improve their well-being by helping a child identify and use their own internal toolkit to tackle issues such as poor body image, lack of confidence, and dismantling limiting beliefs.

"Inner self-worth and self-esteem are the most important things a woman can possess. If we do not have these qualities, we need to develop them"

- Louisa Hay

How it works...

Coaching teens is an excellent way of improving their mindset. Most teens suffer from lack of confidence, a poor self-image or anxiety that holds them back from reaching their full potential.
I work confidentially with teens on a weekly basis for six weeks to get momentum going with the change in their thought processes. We work with a range of techniques - therapeutic journaling, conversation and home tasks.

You are then welcome to book any further sessions at a cheaper rate after our course if you feel like they would like ongoing support.

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